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    1. Every Director/executive shall, at all times, discharge his/her responsibilities in order to ensure that there is a compliance with laws, rules and regulations as may be applicable to the Company, the transaction or the person.
    2. Every Director/Executive shall avoid being in situations that give rise to conflict between the personal interests of the person and the Company’s interests. Where such a situation is not avoidable, the person shall disclose the matter in writing to his/her superior, and in the case of any Director such a disclosure should be made to the Board.
    3. Every Director/Executive shall, at all times, discharge his/her responsibilities in order to ensure that there is full and fair disclosure as required by law, in the accounts maintained and presented by the Company.
    4. Every Director/Executive shall treat any data or information of the Company which has not been published or disclosed previously as confidential information and shall not disclose or transmit the same to any person who is not an employee or Director of the Company, without permission of his/her superior or the Chairman of the Board, unless such a disclosure is as per the requirements of any law, or any lawful agreement to which the Company is a party.
    5. Every Director/Executive shall strictly adhere to the insider Trading Code of the Company.
    6. Every Director/Executive shall at all times ensure proper use of the Company’s funds, assets and property.
    7. No Director/executive shall knowingly suppress from the Company a material fact which can be detrimental to the interest of the Company.
    8. Director/Executive shall ensure maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment in the Company.
    9. Every Director/Executive shall avoid discrimination and harassment in any form, on the basis of race, religion and gender.
    10. Every Director/executive shall adhere to fair and lawful competitive practices pertaining to the operations of the Company.
    11. Every Director/Executive must ensure that he/she does not exploit opportunities arising out of the place of work or the course of work, for personal gain.
    12. Every Director/Executive shall ensure that no political contribution is made whether directly or indirectly on behalf of the Company, without permission by way of a resolution of the Board of the Company.
    13. Every Director/Executive shall ensure that no statement is given to the press or any other form of media without due authorization by the person’s superior or the Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman or the Board of the Company.
    14. Every Director/executive must, at all times, conduct himself/herself, so as to give respect to human being and human values.
    15. The Independent directors of the company shall abide by the duties as per SCHEDULE IV of the Companies Act, 2013.